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Fund Name: Smart Future Trust
Fund ABN: 68964712340
The Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI) depends on which part of smartMonday you are in:
  • smartMonday PRIME: 68964712340001
  • smartMonday DIRECT: 68964712340002
  • smartMonday PENSION: 68964712340010
  • smartMonday PRIME Aon Group: 68964712340004 (Aon employees only)
  • smartMonday PRIME TESF (formerly The Executive Superannuation Fund): 68964712340010
  • smartMonday PRIME TESF (formerly ASC Superannuation Plan): 68964712340011
  • smartMonday PRIME TESF (formerly Valvoline Australia Superannuation Plan): 68964712340012
  • smartMonday PRIME TESF (formerly Jasco Pty Ltd Superannuation Plan): 68964712340013
  • smartMonday PRIME TESF (formerly Esselte Australian Superannuation Plan): 68964712340014
  • smartMonday PRIME Enterprise (formerly Enterprise Plan): 68964712340015
We have a 'Choice of Fund' form you can provide to your new employer that provides all of the details in relation to your smartMonday membership. You can find more information here.
Check out our ‘Grow your super’ page for more information on the different types of contributions you, or your employer, can make to super.
Yes. The Government sets annual caps on the amount of concessional and non-concessional contributions that can go into your super each financial year. All contributions into your super count towards the caps and there are tax consequences if you exceed them.

There are further restrictions if you have more than $1.9 million in super (across all of your super accounts). See the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website for the latest information at
You are able to contribute to super if you are under the age of 75, even if you are not working. Make sure you check the contribution caps and limits that apply to everyone.

If you intend to claim a tax deduction for contributions you make and you are aged 67-74, the Government applies a ‘Work test’ which means you need to be in gainful (paid) work for at least 40 hours in a period of no more than 30 consecutive days in the financial year you make your superannuation contributions.

You generally cannot contribute further money to super once you reach age 75, although the Government’s Downsizer Contribution scheme may be available to you if you sell your house. Information about contributing to super, including eligibility for the Downsizer Contribution scheme, is available at the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website
Each year, the Government's co-contribution scheme could mean up to $500 extra towards your retirement nest egg. If your total income is less than $43,445 (in the 2023/24 financial year) and you make after-tax contributions to your super, the Government will boost your super with a co-contribution of 50 cents for every $1 of those contributions up to a maximum co-contribution of $500. If your total income is between $43,445 and $58,445 in the 2023/24 financial year your maximum entitlement will reduce progressively as your income increases.
Yes, anyone under the age of 67 can claim a tax deduction on their after-tax contributions.

If you are aged 67-74, the Government applies a ‘Work test’ which means you need to be in gainful (paid) work for at least 40 hours in a period of no more than 30 consecutive days in the financial year you make your superannuation contributions and claim them as a tax deduction.

Contributions claimed as a tax deduction are then taxed at 15% and count towards the $30,000 annual concessional contributions cap.
TIP – if you plan on claiming a tax deduction, you’ll need to give us notice of your intention before you lodge your income tax return by completing the Notice of intent to claim a tax deduction form available from the Documents section of the website.
You can choose to invest your superannuation or pension from our menu of investment options including pre-mixed, sector and our default option in smartMonday PRIME, smartMonday Lifecycle (MySuper). You have the flexibility to mix and match between these options to customise your super just for you.
We have investment factsheets within the forms and factsheets area of the website to learn more about how we invest your money and the risks involved, or see the Investments section of the Product Disclosure Statements.
You have your own personal set of circumstances, goals and preferences. That’s why we offer an extensive menu of investment options – so you can fine-tune your investments to suit the one and only you. If you have a superannuation account with us, you can call 1300 262 241 to speak to one of our smartCoaches, who can provide you with advice on selecting the right investment option. There are no additional charges for using this service.
It’s quick and easy to change your investments by logging into your account and selecting the investments you’d like to invest in. Alternatively, you can complete the relevant investment switching form found in the Documents Hub of your personalised member homepage.
If you make a new investment choice, it will generally be completed within five business days.
Visit your personalised member homepage to view the performance of your investments, or select Investment Returns from the useful links of the ‘Investments’ page of the website.
There are no fees for changing your investment options, and you can change them as often as you like!
The level of fees depends on the investments you choose. You can find out more about the fees and costs in the Investments section of the website.
At smartMonday we’ve got you covered with our range of insurance options including Death insurance (payable if you die, or earlier in the event of terminal illness), Total and permanent disablement (TPD) insurance (Payable if an injury or illness prevents you ever being able to work again) and Income protection insurance (payable as monthly income for a set period if an injury or illness prevents you from working).

See the insurance section of our website for more information.
Simply log in and check your personalised member homepage to see what insurance cover you have.
  • Insurance through super is usually cheaper than insurance outside super
  • Insurance is available to you automatically, if you are eligible, upon joining the fund or when you meet the minimum criteria, or if you choose it. This generally means you can obtain insurance cover easily without needing to undergo a full health and lifestyle questionnaire (what’s called ‘underwriting’).
  • Insurance generally covers you worldwide, 24 hours a day
  • Members may be able to get extra insurance without medical evidence upon certain ‘life events’. Check the relevant Insurance Reference Guide in the Documents Hub of your personalised member homepage, or contact us for further information.
See the insurance section of our website for more information.
We understand that everyone is different, so we provide a range of flexible options to suit your needs. You can apply to increase, reduce, or transfer your insurance cover by completing the relevant form from the Documents Hub of your personalised member homepage. Contact us if you are unsure of the options available to you.
It’s important to review your insurance needs when you join – and also every few years or when any major event occurs that might affect the level of cover you need. Your smartMonday membership entitles you to advice about your insurance at no additional cost, so go ahead and call a smartCoach on 1300 262 241 or email .
The cost of insurance varies depending on the type of cover you have, the work you do, your age, and for Income Protection - your gender. You can call us to obtain a quote or use the relevant Product Disclosure Statement to crunch the numbers.
We’re here to help make the claims process as easy as possible. In the event of a claim, you or the beneficiaries you’ve nominated, can call our team and we’ll get it under way for you – with care and compassion.
Super funds typically offer two types of pension:
  • Transition to retirement pension (TRP) - If you’d like to cut back on work and start easing into retirement, you can use part or all of your super to buy a TRP. This will offer you lifestyle flexibility and a regular income before you retire completely.
  • Retirement pension - When you retire completely or meet what's known as a condition of release, a retirement pension will provide you with regular income.
You can start a Transition to retirement pension (TRP) when you reach your preservation age, which is See the Accessing your super page -
Investment earnings: Subject to the Government’s transfer balance cap (currently set at $1.9 million), if you have a retirement pension, investment earnings on assets in your account are tax-free. If you have a Transition-to-retirement pension (TRP), investment earnings are taxed at the concessional superannuation rate of up to 15%.
Pension income payments: Subject to the Government’s transfer balance cap (currently set at $1.9 million), your income payments are generally tax-free once you reach age 60. You do pay tax on income payments you receive from your super before age 60, but you may be eligible for a tax offset of up to 15%.
Yes, Government sets limits on the amount of money you take as an income stream from your pension account. You must take at least 4% of your account balance as income each year (more if you're age 65 or older). If you have a Transition-to-retirement pension (TRP), you can take up to 10% of your account balance as income. There's no maximum limit on how much income you can take from a retirement pension.
Yes. With smartMonday you can choose monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly income payments. However, you must make at least one annual withdrawal from your pension account.
Your income payments will continue as long as there's enough money in your pension account, and that depends on a number of factors. The pension calculator on the Government's MoneySmart website can help you work out how long your pension might last.
When you set up your pension account, you can nominate your spouse to receive the death benefit as a continuing income stream, known as a reversionary beneficiary.
Yes, smartMonday PENSION offers a range of investment options, and you can mix and match to create a customised portfolio that suits your investor personality and needs. For more information, see the Investments section in the PENSION Product Disclosure Statement.