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When the weekend (aka retirement) comes, you can activate a smartMonday PENSION and start receiving a tax-free income for you to spend on…whatever floats your boat basically. Or, if you’re not quite ready to stop working you can start a smartMonday Transition to Retirement Pension (TRP)!

PENSION Product Disclosure Statement


Investment: You have multiple investment options - including pre-mixed options - to make it super simple

Tax - TRP: Investment earnings within the fund are taxed up to 15%, but if you’re fully retired, super investment earnings are generally tax free1

Getting paid: You decide the amount you get paid and how often – monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually2

Withdrawing: You can withdraw3 some or all of your smartMonday PENSION retirement balance at any time

Tracking: Easily track your progress and full account details on your Personal Home Page

With smartMonday PENSION you can receive regular income payments (with no maximum annual payment limit) in retirement while your super stays invested, giving you the potential for more investment returns throughout your retirement.

If you like the thought of retiring but aren’t ready to stop work just yet, a transition to retirement pension (TRP) might be the solution. Your payments must total between 2% and 10% of your total account balance each year and are dependent on your age – these are limits set by the government.

Is this the right option for you? Ask your financial adviser; or if you don’t have one, talk to a smartCoach today on 1300 262 241, or email

Wouldn’t it be better to pay off the mortgage first instead of converting your super savings to a pension? It’s a frequently asked question. While our smartCoaches can’t provide advice on products outside of super they can help to ensure you have the facts you need about your super to make the right decision for you.
For example, if the investment returns from your smartMonday PENSION are higher than the interest on your mortgage then paying off the mortgage might not be the best option.