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PLEASE NOTE: Effective 1 May 2022 the name of the fund has changed from the Aon Master Trust to the Smart Future Trust. This is a name change only and has no material impact on the operations of the Fund. We are currently in the process of updating fund materials and relevant industry databases and expect this to be completed by 30 June. 

We offer an extensive menu of investment options – so you can fine-tune your investments to suit the one and only you. And if you change your mind, no sweat. You can easily change your investments online, whenever you like and as often as you like, free of charge.

Super is typically a long-term investment – 40+ years for most of us. With so much time to ride out any downturns why isn’t everyone invested in the high growth/high risk option? Because, although time is a major factor when it comes to investing, your circumstances and your attitude to investing matter too.

We know that some members really want to know more about the inner workings of their super and pension investments. If that’s you, then our ‘What we invest’ page might be just the thing you’re looking for!

Aon MySuper is a lifecycle investment option which automatically adjusts the investment mix as you progress through your working week.

We have 10 pre-mixed options – ranging from High Growth to Defensive. Choose one or mix and match

Bring your 'A' game and build your own investment strategy with this range of sector-specific options.

smartMonday leverages the research views and insights of Aon’s global investment team to formulate investment strategies and construct investment options.

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