Every business needs a smartPartner – your best friend in the super game. Far beyond making it simple and easy for you to meet your super obligations, we’re here to make super a powerful component of your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) – to help you attract and retain great people and enhance their performance – and to further your business objectives.

smartMonday has been operating superannuation services since 1993 and with over AUD$5 billion under management, we are now the super fund of choice for almost 65,000 members and over 500 corporate employers.

With a commitment to being accessible, a focus on member best outcomes, and a passion for helping members understand their behaviour to money, we help make retirement dreams become a reality.

Now, what’s so smart about smartMonday?

With smartMonday, members and their loved ones are protected if the unexpected occurs.

All eligible members are offered with minimum standard death, total and permanent disablement (TPD) cover and income protection (IP) cover as part of our product offering.

You have the option to pay the costs of insurance on behalf of your employees through smartMonday.

We take a white glove approach to service. In fact, there’s nothing mass produced about our super; we make the experience personal every step of the way, so it’s a true partnership that’s both hands-on and proactive.

We’ll also provide  service to you and every one of your employees. Whether you’re looking for in-person sessions with your team or workshops on financial wellbeing and money mindset, we have you covered. We help you ensure your super (your biggest employee benefit) is working hard for you and for your employees.

Have a large business? Our tailored approach is as relevant as ever, with discounts available for large accounts who still seek one-on-one service.

We have trainers for our bodies, so why not our super? With dedicated a smartCoach, you and your members will have a secret weapon to whip your super into shape.

We provide unlimited access to expert smartCoaches, who will work directly with you to fight the war against wasted opportunity.

We’re all taught reading, writing and arithmetic, but so few of us learn financial literacy. But we do know financial health plays a key role in our overall wellbeing. Which is why smartHabits is such a valuable program, set up to help members understand and improve their inherent behaviours toward money.

Setting members up for success with money hacks and lifelong lessons, this invaluable program is a key part of smartMonday. It also breeds results, with 94% of those engaged in a smartHabits program seeing a focused awareness and habitual change, and 94% reporting a positive impact on their financial wellbeing after attending smartHabits1.

Now that’s something to hang our hats on.

The best type of team members are proactive, deliver value from the outset and keep your wheels turning. Which is exactly what you’ll receive with your smartPartner – a high-touch concierge who is dedicated to streamlining your smartMonday super. So you can get back to business, while delivering on your EVP and achieving your business goals.

From the very beginning, your smartPartner will be there to understand your business, deep dive into your objectives, and pinpoint how we can add the most value, while seamlessly slotting into your everyday business activities.

The result? Perhaps it will be a dedicated financial wellness coach on-site in your office on a regular time slot. Maybe it will be a series of one-on-one sessions to address individual needs of your employees. Or it could be a number of face-to-face or online financial literacy programs for your teams. Whatever it is, it’s designed to be a part of your team, and to help make every Monday (or every day, really), a smartMonday.

If you’re ready to start, we’re ready to make it seamless. Because when you join smartMonday super, our dedicated onboarding team will work with you on a completely customised implementation. Then you can sit back, relax and leave the execution to us. We know that change is hard and super is complex, so we are committed to making it painless for you and your employees.

Whether you need employee communications plans, on-demand support for HR and payroll, or even programs tailored for physical, emotional, social and financial wellbeing, well, that’s our bread and butter. Because we’re right here by your side every moment, from the very first step.