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Q1: What investment options are available to me?

You can choose to invest your superannuation or pension from our menu of investment options including pre-mixed, sector and our default option MySuper. You have the flexibility to mix and match between these options to customise your super just for you.

Q2: Where can I learn more about understanding investment concepts?

We have a number of investment factsheets within our Resources section of the website to learn more about how we invest your money and the risks involved.


Q3: How do I choose the best investment option for me?

We are all unique, and choosing the right investment option depends on your personal goals and attitudes to risk. If you have a superannuation account with us, you can call 1300 859 047 to speak to one of our advisers, who can provide you with advice on selecting the right investment option. There are no additional charges for using this service.

Q4: How do I change my investment option?

It’s quick and easy to change your investments by logging into your account and selecting the investments you’d like to invest in. Alternatively, if you are a superannuation member you can complete the relevant Switching managed investment options form found in the Form section of the resources page. If you are a Pension member, you can complete the Change member details and options form.

Q5: If I elect to change my investment option, how long will it take?

If you make a new investment choice, it will generally be completed within five business days.

Q6: What is the investment performance for each of the investment options?

Go to the Resources section to view our latest investment performance.

Q7: How much does it cost to change my investment options, and how often can I change them?

There are no fees for changing your investment options, and you can change them as often as you like.

Q8: What are the costs associated with each investment option?

The level of fees depends on the investment option selected. You can find out more about the costs associated for each investment option in the Additional explanation of fees and costs reference guide in the Resources section of the website.

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