All futures start
with Monday

A smarter, easier super fund

smartMonday is the new face of Aon Master Trust, an award-winning superannuation fund with a 27 year track record of building strong and stable financial futures for our members.
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Funds under management

With the same high-performing global team trusted to safeguard USD $100 billion in global assets under management, we can help you meet your financial goals whatever stage of life you’re in.

Super outcomes

But we don’t stop at super. Because life, health and finances all contribute to our members’ super outcomes, we’ll be right by your side to help with those too.

Why smartMonday

smartMonday is more than just a new name. We’re taking a whole new approach to super, focusing on the power of smart, easy actions to contribute to the long-term growth of your super savings.

Get things done

smartMonday embodies a belief that every Monday brings a chance to choose a smarter approach; to get things done, to make genuine progress, and to set you up for a brighter tomorrow.

Action-oriented super

Our 50,000+ members and partners can benefit from action-oriented super that motivates and engages members from wealth accumulation through to retirement.

Mondays matter

With smartMonday we’re pioneering a movement to make Mondays matter for our members, to help make them wealthy, healthy and whole.

All futures start with Monday

At smartMonday, we know that a positive start to Monday morning can set the tone for the rest of your week. In the same way, we think every week is a new opportunity to take a smart, easy action that will put you back in charge of your super – and your life. Because it's the small things that can add up to the big future you want. Want to make your Mondays matter?

Make them smartMondays.

Take smartMonday to your new job
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Super investment isn’t one-size-fits-all. It’s personal. We all have unique retirement goals, lifestyle expectations and commitments. You also have your own personality, preferences and appetite for risk. That’s why we offer four different categories of investing which you can mix and match to customise your super just for you.

Our pre-mixed investment options give you the choice of investing between growth, balanced or defensive investment strategies that are diversified across a range of asset classes.

  • Choice of 10 pre-mixed options to invest in
  • Mix and match by choosing more than one option
  • Update your choices as often and whenever you like
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Our sector investment options give you more say in how your money is invested across asset classes such as Australian and international shares, property, alternatives, fixed interest and cash.

  • Choice of 21 sector options to invest in
  • Mix and match by choosing more than one option
  • Update your choices as often and whenever you like
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Aon MySuper

If you’d like to leave all the investment decisions to us, our default Aon MySuper* investment option is for you. Aon MySuper is a lifecycle investment option which is customised depending on the phase of life you’re in. This means we invest your super in growth-style investments when you’re younger and more defensive investments as you transition toward retirement. To learn more click here.

Aon MySuper Dashboard

Aon MySuper is only available to smartMonday PRIME members.

Direct investment

Our direct investment option* allows you to invest directly into listed Australian shares, exchange traded funds and term deposits – giving you even more control over how your super is invested.

  • Choose to invest in any of Australia’s 200 largest listed companies
  • Select from over 50 Exchange traded funds
  • Term deposits with terms of x months to x years from Australia’s leading financial institutions
  • Access leading market insights and research from Lonsec.
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*DIO is not available for pension accounts.

Make a choice

Deciding where you want your funds invested, your preferred fund management style or how much control you want over investment decisions is easy with smartMonday.

Access our SuperMadeEasy online advice tool by logging into smartMonday or you can call 1300 859 047 to speak to one of our advisers, who can provide you with advice on selecting the right investment option. There are no additional charges for using either service.

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It’s smart to be prepared for life’s unexpected risks, like loss or interruption of income, serious injury or death. The good news is that at smartMonday, we have flexible and affordable insurance options that can provide you with a safety net. So you can live your life with peace of mind, knowing that you’ll have support when you need it most.

Protect you, your family, and your income

Most members are provided with our minimum levels of insurance to ensure they start off on the right path. And if you’d like to customise your cover, it’s easy to increase and reduce insurance or even transfer it from elsewhere.

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Retire with smartMonday

A super adventure, made smarter

Whether your plans for retirement involve action, adventure or just relaxation, at smartMonday we’re experts at helping you take smart action on your savings while safeguarding your assets. That way you can make the most of your wealth and health, and focus on enjoying your retirement.

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Difficult times demand more from your partners in life - and that includes your super fund. WeCare is smartMonday’s 24/7 specialised telephone support service, provided free to members and their direct family when they need help in difficult times. While WeCare’s phone counselling and advice services will more than meet most callers’ needs, assistance beyond the phone service may be necessary in some cases. The professionals at WeCare can help with this too.


Reach out for support with medical concerns, grief, depression, elder care or stress management. We’re available around the clock, every single day of the week.

Funeral assistance

Lean on us for assistance following the loss of a loved one. We’ll help you select a funeral home, decide on a type of funeral, and even arrange the after-service function and catering.

Legal + Tax

Make important decisions easier with advice on legal and tax issues like preparing a will, making a power of attorney, or personal tax advice.

Home + Care

Access home care services when your circumstances change. We connect you with reliable providers that can assist with everything from gardening and cleaning, to childcare.

Call WeCare
1800 828 736
Mention you’re a member, or family of a member, of smartMonday

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+61 2 4298 6023 (if calling from overseas)
PO Box 1949, Wollongong NSW 2500

Make Mondays matter

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