If you have a question about consolidation, you should find the answer here. Don't see what you need? Call or email us for more information. 

Q1: What are the benefits of bringing my super together?

  • Potentially save costs by only paying one set of fees
  • Make it easier to keep track of your super
  • Reduce paperwork, time and effort.

Q2: What should I consider before transferring?

Before you transfer in other super balances it’s worth checking with those other super fund(s) to answer a few important questions:

  • Will you lose any insurance cover or other benefits when you close other super fund memberships? If so, are you comfortable with these changes?
  • If you hold super with a public sector super scheme does it include untaxed contributions? If so the balance will be reduced by tax if you proceed with a transfer. You may wish to consult your accountant if you’re unsure about what this means for you.

Q3: Can I transfer the insurance cover I hold in another fund to this fund?

If you’re happy with the insurance cover you currently have with your other super fund, you can apply to have the same level of cover transferred to smartMonday before your balance is transferred. Check the relevant Insurance Reference Guide to see if you’re eligible and if so complete the insurance transfer form which you can get from the resources section of the website.

Q4: How do I bring all of my super together – are there any options?

There are two easy options for consolidating your super into smartMonday super:

1. Go online

Login to your portal and go to the 'Find my super' option in your dashboard. Follow the prompts and we’ll find all of your superflous super in around two minutes, including any super you may have forgotten about! Then simply select the super accounts you want to transfer and click the Go button.

* This option is not available to smartMonday PRIME TESF & smartMonday PRIME Enterprise members*

2. We’ll do it for you

Complete the Consolidation request form and one of our consolidation experts will coordinate the transfer(s) for you. Once you send your request, we’ll get back to you to answer your questions (and clarify any questions we may have for you). You’ll then be able to give your final approval to proceed with the transfer(s).

Q5: What is the smartMonday fund information for my consolidation form?

  • Fund Name: Aon Master Trust
  • Fund ABN: 68964712340
  • MySuper authorised: 68964712340201

Unique Superannuation Identifiers (USI):

  • smartMonday PRIME: 68964712340001
  • smartMonday DIRECT: 68964712340002
  • smartMonday PENSION: 68964712340010
  • smartMonday PRIME Aon Group: 68964712340004 (Aon employees only)
  • smartMonday PRIME TESF (formerly The Executive Superannuation Fund): 68964712340010
  • smartMonday PRIME TESF (formerly ASC Superannuation Plan): 68964712340011
  • smartMonday PRIME TESF (formerly Valvoline Australia Superannuation Plan): 68964712340012
  • smartMonday PRIME TESF (formerly Jasco Pty Ltd Superannuation Plan): 68964712340013
  • smartMonday PRIME TESF (formerly Esselte Australian Superannuation Plan): 68964712340014
  • smartMonday PRIME Enterprise (formerly Enterprise Plan): 68964712340015

Member enquiries

Have an enquiry? We have three lines dedicated to suit your needs.
Please choose the appropriate contact below:

Not TESF or Enterprise
PO Box 1949
Wollongong NSW 2500
smartMonday TESF
Includes previous TESF members
PO Box R713
Royal Exchange NSW 1225
smartMonday Enterprise
Includes previous Enterprise members
PO Box 1282
Albury NSW 2640
smartMonday PENSION
Includes previous TESF Pension members
PO Box 1282
Albury NSW 2640

Not sure who to call?

Speak to a smartCoach on 1300 262 241 or email

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